Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Am I your Victim??

A mystery feel surrounds me this day..
I am scared that i could become your prey...
Deep in my heart I am struck with a puppy love....
Knowing that it would soon fade like mystic snow.....

Monday, August 8, 2011

His "Million Dollar" Question

'Training sessions are super-duper waste of time' was my view before I joined PDS. Yes I must agree I had been enlightened by the best trainer for SEM in the whole world, Mr.Krishnan. He possessed a very special skill of turning even stones to diamonds through his extensive knowledge and magnetic accent.

'Kris' we guys used to call him this way. He has been my one big inspiration. People like him are hard to find. Poor PDS missed such a precious gem out of ignorance.
I would love to share an evergreen training session and how it turned to everlasting comedy session.

The session was for 2 hours from 12 pm to 2 pm and it was for a week's time.


Krishnan: Our excellent trainer.
Me, Karthik, Prithvi, Davis: SEM analyst.
Vinesh Pandavar (Name changed for personal safety): New Joinee in our team.
Few words about Vinesh: Vinesh was the one who could talk about working in New Zealand, Microsoft, google despite the fact that he was chucked out from his previous concern coz of sleeping for all 9 hours in office( Note: He was caught red handed when he slept even without punching attendance).

Vinesh was the one who dared to speak yell lot rubbish about his prior TL to his own cousin who worked with us. (Note: Till the date he was not aware of this fact).

The training session was mainly for Vinesh. We guys took part outta personal interest and craze for Kris's accent.

Day 1: Kris started with basic SEM terms. "CPC is nothing but Cost Per Click" he began in his intrinsic voice and fantastic accent. The topic grew and varied to many real life applications and examples. Kris was sure a maestro. We all guys were really making use of such worthy sessions. It was more interactive and enjoyable.

Soon a voice pooped out. A different voice to our team. Yes it was none but vinesh. It was his first day in Kris's training.
All our attention turned towards vinesh. He seemed to be nervous and obviously because he was a new one to the team. "What’s the difference between Max CPC and Avg CPC?" he asked with a low voice which showed he was clearly tensed. Soon Kris responded him in an amicable way and that's how he used to be with everyone in the team. We all were happy with vinesh that he was so attentive and interactive as well. We started feeling him as one among our team. Time flew by soon and we all winded up and started our regular works.

Day 2:"Here we go!!" - Kris started with great energy. We all prepared ourselves with scribbling pad and pen to make notes. Before entering into the new topics, he recalled the entire list of topics that was discussed the day before to make us comfortable with the day's session.
Soon we entered into the main session. It was interesting since Kris illustrated many examples.

Prithvi and Davis took a few minutes session about the tactics they were using in their projects and how they succeeded. Karthik and I were active participants whenever the questionnaire began. "Excuse me" - the voice was no longer new to us.
Yes it was vinesh again with a doubt. "Yes Vinesh! Come on...” Kris was too gentle. "May I know what the difference between Max CPC and Avg CPC is?" - He seemed to be normal and not nervous as the previous day. Kris patted on his back gently and given him needed info. The time flew by and we all winded up.

Day 3: Kris entered the hall little late. By then we all were ready for the session to get started. We looked back to the old topics and were curious to know new topics. The session was awesome and everyone took part in it. All new ideas and initiatives were discussed. Vinesh was spotted confused. Kris’s attention was turned towards him.

Soon we could hear something from Vinesh “Kris! What’s the difference between Max CPC and Avg CPC?” I couldn’t control my laugh. I can’t figure out what is wrong with this guy. Prithvi also had the same feel. I came to know this when I found that soul tried to hide his smile just like I did. Kris was bit worried. He doubted himself whether the sessions were really useful to us. With unclear mind, he explained him the topic and this time the example were picked from ground level to make it easy for Vinesh to understand. Davis too helped Kris in handing Vinesh. Somehow the session ended.

Day 4: Kris entered the hall with book materials and video tutorials. All of us were sure that it was for Vinesh. The same procedure was followed as the earlier sessions. And this time Vinesh’s reaction was bit earlier. Before Kris could enter into a new topic, Vinesh directed his million dollar question to Kris. “Hi Kris! What’s the difference between Max CPC and Avg CPC?” his face was so serious. I really wondered how a guy could ask a same quest ten times with a facial expression as if it is for the first time. Kris was pissed off. We all broke our professional mask and laughed like kids.

Kris couldn’t continue the session anymore. He handed over the leaning materials to Vinesh and asked him to go through them before entering into the next day’s session. We winded up shortly.

Day 5: Kris and I entered the conference room bit early than usual time since I had some clarifications regarding my project. Within few minutes everyone else assembled inside the room and took their seats. Vinesh seemed to be clear and we believed he went through the materials the night before. Kris was bit faster in finishing the remaining topics since it was the last session.

We all were attentive and I could say the last session was enthralling than all the others.
Kris explained each and everything with extra dedication. Awesome we all were awaiting for Vinesh to raise some doubts. But this day he was dumbfounded as if he was totally aware of all the topics till the day. Kris could have been kept quiet but outta curiousness he asked Vinesh “Now Vinesh! Could you please tell me what’s the difference between Max CPC and Avg CPC?” After all he asked to gain personal satisfaction for all the time and efforts he invested in that training. Vinesh stayed still for some time.

Things were cool till he opened his mouth and spelled out that one single statement. We all were extra curious. He started” I went through all the notes and materials you gave me yesterday” and yes it sounded as a trillion dollar question this time. He popped the question “May I know what is CPC?”. A sudden burst was heard and Krishnan fell down. Yes it was Kris’s lil heart that exploded.
We all tried consoling Kris yet he was totally jammed. We placed “RIP” card on the table and dispersed.

We heard from a trusted source (Kris’s mom) that the whole night he was blabbering [“CPC”,”Avg CPC”,”*%&^&^”,”Max CPC”,”The difference between Avg CPC and Max CPC”,”Vinesh!! You *&&**^!!”, “Difference between Vinesh and ape”,”&*&(*&*”] while sleeping.

All of us were only aware of Kris’s talent of turning stones to diamonds. But that very day, Vinesh proved us his special talent of turning diamonds to stones. Yes, Kris stopped training new candidates. Kris poorly could remember the SEM terms. Kris was supposed to suffer from short term memory loss. The image attached to the post was none but Krishnan’s. Guess you can find the transition.

Note: Vinesh! For God’s sake! Please don’t join in my new concern since I am the one to train new candidates to my team. Wish you Good luck in all your future training sessions. Here is the special greeting dedicated solely to you... “Wish you happy birthday in advance (01.04.2012).”

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Sporty Saturday

Days are passing by swiftly. I could still remember the day when we all had fun loads on a fine Saturday. The day started in a usual way. Very Usual way. I logged in my desktop, checked out client mails, astrology etc., I started continuing the task which i couldn't fix the day before. It was a bit tougher task.

Prithvi entered with a nerd smile in his usual way. Well only his smile was nerd. I could say he is an epitome of fun filled enthusiasm. He would grasp all new technologies in seconds and always make me fall in wonder hearing his updates and quotes.

“Happy morning!!” he greeted in his peculiar voice. For him every day is happy day including Monday since he was very much liked by the management as well as the client. No wonder the credit would obviously goes to his knowledge and attitude.

“Very good morning!” I greeted him in turn and continued sending updates to my client just to let him get relaxed after a walk on a sunny day in the busy street.

Soon Davis, Yokesh and Karthik entered and started their usual chit chats and gossips about the management. Davis was professional and he would generally avoid taking part in other stuff than regular work. He had a strong background in his work for more than 4 years and that made him one of the key person in the team. “Good morning Davis!” I urged out of respect and he smiled back at me. Many a times his smile would be more powerful than his words.

“What a ****!” The statement started reverberating in walls of my ear– Typical statement that used to come out of karthik’s mouth every now and then. (I am sorry Karthik ;) I revealed it to my readers). Things were cool and I was continuing my work quite in my cubicle and Davis helped me to get my tasks done. He had always helped me. (Thanks a lot Davis!! ;)).

“Hae yo!! Good Morning all!!..” We heard a loud noise but very well –known. I turned my head back and great it was Krishnan with his laptop bag and a real clear smile on his face. “Good Morning Kris!” I replied with a smile shortly as everyone did.

Everyone settled down shortly and we managed to work for an hour quietly since we were supposed to work for two hours on Saturday. Most of us come on Saturday just to punch in the attendance ;). Work would be generally easier but we had been busy all the time. Having fun happened to be the main job for us those days. Clock struck 12 pm. Other team mates started signing out and soon Davis too joined one of his friends from a different team. “Happy Weekend guys!” – Davis bid a good bye sign and left the place.

To be genuine, we guys had organised a sporty noon with “Battlefield 3“game. Time flew by and it was 1.30 pm. Prithvi had already started installing the game in our desktops. Karthik was helping Prithvi. Soon they marched towards my system too. He transferred some data into my system and tried starting the installation. It took two minutes to start and Prithvi warned me not to disturb it until the installation gets done. I nodded my head obediently. But I could control only me and not my alter-ego. The naughty part of me clicked something amidst the process and things went wrong as poor Prithvi’s warned it might.

I pretended as if I am scared and spelled out innocently “Prithvi!! It displays some error message”. Internally I was happy and contented as if I achieved the noble piece price.

He looked at my face and gave a typical expression. I could hear his Malayalam words “Thullichi pennu” referring me knowing that I was the culprit. [Check out the meaning with any of your mallu friends]. It was fixed shortly by the tech geek. Soon “So guys!! What snack shall I get?” before Krishnan could finish this statement, I placed my orders. 2 lr sprite, 2 lr Fanta, 3 lays family packs each of different flavours, corn puffs.. I couldn’t stop but since Krishnan was already out of the door, I was forced to. Yokesh accompanied Krishnan coz he could not carry all at his own.

“All set to go!” – Prithvi took a deep breathe. Karthik woke up from his sleep hearing this. Soon Krishnan and Yokesh stepped in and I was trying to gather all info about the game and learnt some basics from google since I was totally new to it.

“Here we go” – the LAN connection was set and we all were given all needed instructions by Krishnan since he was a pro in the game. “I look cool in the army wear” – I shouted out of joy and entered into the field. Prithvi, Karthik and I formed a team and Krishnan and Yokesh remained as the opponents. It was sure a hard time for me that before I could begin shooting, I was shot down by Krishnan. I was killed for more than 15 times by Krishnan and Yokesh seemed to be a real gentle man since he left me alive as I begged on his knees not to shoot me. I tried shooting them both and at some points I shot Prithvi too without my knowledge. Note: Prithvi and I were the same team. Poor Prithvi held all these sorrows. (I feel sorry for that now Prithvi ;)).

The entire game was awesome. I tried killing at least one but ended up empty. Krishnan killed more than 100 men, Prithvi stood next in the order, Karthik and Yokesh couldn’t do well since I strongly scared them with my mimics and threatening tone. We were all done in an hour. The battlefield turned into a grave with 5 brigades walking proudly with a bomb blast in the background (this is how heroism is depicted in Tamil movies).

We all shared our views and soon all our eyes turned to the snack part. I was the number one active participant then. May be I was bad in shooting people in battlefield but I always win when it was for food. Our eyes turned furious and we all jumped towards the snacks cabin like werewolves.

I got a lays, a corn puff pack and sprite. Krishnan could get Fanta. Karthik and Yokesh got lays pack each. Poor Prithvi stood bare handed. He gave his innocent facial expression again. It made me laugh louder and I did. The kinder part of me made me give him some corn puffs. He smiled. [I can still remember it]. Everyone shared the snack and we all felt almost full.

The really sport began when Karthik was trying to taste the sprite and I tossed the bottle over his face. He dint expect that I would do it. Of course none else. He face was totally drowned. And I leave the rest of the reaction to you. He dint come out of rest room for half an hour.

My next target was Krishnan. To be honest, he was my first target. I wanted to take a sweet revenge with a great spirit and it was with sprite. I pretended that I was totally out of what has happened there and started unplugging my earphones from my desktop.

Soon the time came. The most expected time. Krishnan was spotted with sprite bottle in his hands. I regained all my courage and energy and fastened myself. As soon as I turned back to him, I was little disappointed. Coz it was Prithvi who was holding the bottle this time. I did not regret. With the same tactics I flashed and tilted the bottle over his face, but this time the damage was too much. Prithvi was almost flooded. He was standing like a newer version of “Fido dido” holding the sprite instead of 7 up.

The funnier part is even his shoes got sticky and he couldn’t walk properly. We blasted in cheers looking at him. Even my mobile phone tasted sprite that day and I wonder it is still working properly without any trouble. Thanks to Nokia. And Sorry Prithvi. But I could feel Prithvi too took it as fun.

Note: “That same night Prithvi slept off in his room without taking bath and the next morning he could see armies of ants marching everywhere around him and he could feel Hotspots all over his face.” – A reliable source said.

This post is dedicated to all my Team mates who worked with me at “…..”. Now I really miss all fun. Hope someday we could try the same fun with “Cold wax” instead of sprite.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is this an Offence?

"Excuse me boss!!"- A polite voice entered his ears. He smiled internally. Sure he was waiting for her arrival. "Come in!!" - His voice was firm and greedy. Soon she entered. "Here is the needed document" she handed over the file with bunch of papers neatly clipped.

"I have checked everything thoroughly. You please take a look before proceeding to sign" she expressed in a bold voice. She was the admin authority of that office and the documents were about the building rent and other expenses statement of the month.

Seems he was careless about the file. "Come on! Sit down!!" he asked her to sit in a chair next to him. "I am fine. Thanks" she hesitated to take the offer. “I have asked the office boys to sterilize the keyboards and mouse sometime today" she wanted to distract him from ogling at her. Still he continued trying to have an eye contact with her. But she was stable.

"What do you generally do during weekends?" he asked which was completely inappropriate for the situation. With a usual hesitation she replied "I have MCA classes at Weekends." The response was honest. She was doing her post-graduation through distance mode that time."

"Well. I have to get back to work" her statement clearly shows that she dint like to continue the conversation. "Do you watch Hollywood movies?" another inappropriate question from him. She did not open her mouth knowing he is trying to create a nonsense scene to let her remain in his room for some more time. "How about booking for one this weekend?" he continued. He used to follow these cheap tricks to trap the girls. But she was aware of it. Completely aware of it. "I don't hang out alone with guys generally" the tone was strong. "Sorry" she added but she was actually not feeling sorry. It was simply a reflection of her manners.

"But I won't harm you in anyways. After all it’s a mean to know each other better and to develop our friendship" his eyes looked cunning. She knew what according to him the meaning of friendship was. The history of girls who worked for him earlier was clearly imprinted in her memory. Her friends "Swathi" and "Smithi" alerted her more than hundred times.

“No thanks!!” she replied in no time and made sure there was enough space between him and her. She was very particular about this.

“You can’t say this being a modern girl” – he insisted on the same topic. “Modern?” What you mean by that term she questioned him back in an agitated tone. She was an intelligent girl and a rank holder in her college. Clearly she was proper in dressing and her code of conduct in her work place.

“You are a different girl; certainly different girl; Very enthusiastic and sporty!” – He continued admiring her just to convince her. She knew that all these are his nasty trials since she was used to it many times before. But this time it was bit more hard to distract him. Really hard!!. “Can’t you imagine how nice this relationship could be!” he is now out of his seat and started reaching close to her. She was nervous. “You would be given preference in all forth coming official events” he was trying his best to hold her attention.

She was then at his reach and that pushed her highly uncomfortable. She was irritated. Completely irritated coz of his ruthless behaviour.

“I am not what you think!” her declaration was stouter this time. “I know this would be little new to you” he went on with his senseless approach. “You don’t have to fear for anyone. It’s a deal between you and me. Believe me” he revealed his obscene part of him. Clock Struck 3 pm then. Silence lasted for few seconds. He was trying to move a little closer to her.

“Will you please stop this nonsense!” she blasted in anger and tried to step away from him. He dint let her move. “I agree!” he smiled in a foxy manner. “But you can’t escape from here” he added along with the smile. She was at her nerves. For one last time she tried to be decent and spelled out “You would see my wrath if you don’t let me go now” in a stronger tone.

According to him girls were just one (…) purpose toys. I hope the readers could get my point here. Yes he was more a cold-blooded animal than a human. Her eyes were furious. She was not like one in tenth girls who were either scared of him or fell for his snow job. She hated his attitude and he could feel her intense temper through her eyes.

“Where did you get this watch? Suits your wrist pretty well!” he tried pulling her hands but she escaped again. All he wanted was the one big thing to get done.

He took her silence for granted and moved forward to her. Poor man dint know the real strength of a throw ball player till then. His nose started bleeding and he could hardly spell a word.

“You Damn ****!!” she punched his nose again and he fell down back on the chair. It took no time for her to leave another mark on his face. She repeated “I am not what you think I am!!” and added “And Girls are created for better purpose than you think they are!”. It was her first time offending a person in her life time yet she dint feel guilt. Feel of pride filled all over her heart. She felt that she saved a whole lump of female kind from a merciless vampire.

“This post is dedicated to all my female friends who face such kind of harassment in work place or anywhere in their journey of life. Be proud to be a woman and never allow others to take you for granted.” – Advance Happy Women’s day -2012.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Journey - Began

"Good Morning Dolly!!" - The Conversation started over the phone with love filled enthusiasm as the weekend is nearing. After all she survived for the entire 5 working days thinking he would take her for a day out."Whats up.. Where are you?" - He replied in low voice with no urge. He is a man of melancholy and would not raise his voice unnecessarily. “Today is Friday!!" she lengthened the statement in a sweet tone hoping he would catch her desire.
"Cool - Atlast the hectic week is gonnu end" he expressed it in no time and took a deep breath. She couldn't hold her longing and revealed "Baby .. It’s been long time that we met. And I have loads to share with you. Let's meet up". She was waiting for a positive word from him. He was quiet for a second and asked "Isn't this the last weekend of the month?". She was still smiling on the other end thinking he would meet her and answered him " Yes baby!It is..". "And we dint meet for past three weeks" She added.He dint bother to hear her additional statement. And in an indifferent tone he continued "Oh! Come on.. Our team guys have planned a get together this weekend. And I have already commited in positive."

All her energy went down in seconds hearing him. She was completely disappointed. With a low tone she asked him " Oh..Is it? But you dint gimme a hint about it earlier?” Without allowing him to reply she continued “Can’t you postpone it to next week?.. Coz last week too you had a family outing!!“ She was bit hesitant but dint stop with that. She started blabbering “Won’t you spend time for me? Am I not your source of energy anymore? Don’t you have feelings for me?” She couldn’t stop yet she did since he interrupted her.
With a cool headed tone he replied “Come on Anu!! Life is not only about love. You need to understand nature. I have friends, family etc., and it’s not only you that I can keep concentrating on!.. “ He remained silent for a moment and continued “You got to Understand this”. She was unhappy.. Extremely unhappy. She is a kind of practical girl in reality yet when it comes to love, she goes mad. Still a pinch of confidence was sticking deep in her heart that he would try meeting her by managing all his other schedules. She desperately wants to meet him."But I can wait till sunday" she said. "No Anu!! I am gonnu stay back at home and take rest after a real hard week. No other plans." He declared in a loud voice. She can feel that he was clearly irritated and it would not be possible to meet him this week too. Tears started rolling down her eyes. "So where are you now?" He started his words again. "I am taking a walk to a nearby pet store" she lied. She was actually sitting alone at her terrace. "Lemme come back and ring you!!"She said and before she could complete She heard him saying ok in a regular voice. The call was disconnected.

"What's wrong with him?".. "Am I not adorable anymore?".. "He is least bothered to meet me!!".. Her heart weighed much with disappointment. "Why guys are like this?".. "Won't they feel a girl's feel?".. She couldn't stop her tears. She ran to her room and locked it from inside. She dint respond her puppy dog’s gentle bark to call her. All she could do was to jump into her bed and continue weeping thoroughly. Her pillow was wet with tears. She felt alone. “Why can’t he feel my feel” she kept on repeating the statement looking at the nearby mirror. Her alter-ego insisted her to call him back and blast him into pieces for not feeling the same feel of her. Yet her love for him resisted her calling him with such an agony.

She then decided to browse on her lappy to escape from the situation. “Gosh!!” She spelled since it took time for her lappy to start the web browser. At last she got it. She then types ‘’. It’s her close friend’s blog. She opened another tab and typed out ‘’ which is a humour blog she often spends time reading.
Anju’s blog gave her a warm feel and chrony’s nutty posts made her lips say cheese. She was alright. But her face was sticky coz of her tears. She then reached wash room and tried clearing her last possible tear from her tired eyes and washed her face. “I am not gonnu call him for meet anymore and I am done” she said to herself. “It’s my life” she added. She then switched on some music in her mp3 player and tried repeating the lyrics. She stood in front of mirror and started her usual make up routine besides listening to the music.

“Anu!!” –she could hear a strong voice outside home accompanied by a bike horn which was well known to her. Her puppies started barking in the highest possible tone as they could. She came out of her room and opened the main door.

She was over-whelmed. Her heart felt full like eating a temptation after finishing black-forest. Yes!! it was him with his usual coolers and a convincing smile. He looked totally charming in his blue t-shirt. She felt like rushing to him with all her love for him to give a hug. Her foot resisted for a forward step since it was controlled by alter-ego.

“Come on!! I wish we can hang out for some time” – He spelled in his usual melody filled tone. “But” – she spelled it very quietly. “I am sorry honey” – His voice was flattery. “I don’t think I can survive this weekend without your warmth.” – he added. She was totally flattered. Tears were about to roll down again. But this time her heart was so light like a butterfly feather. He winked and welcomed her with an open hand saying “I love you from hearts. I am sorry I did hurt you. I understood love is life”.

Poor girl couldn’t resist her feel for him. She ran towards him and filled his arms and held him with cheers. Both were speechless. Minutes passed by. And she jumped over his bike and rested comfortably. The journey started. Not only the bike’s but also their lives’.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bitter Truth - Buddy Boy

The far she takes things for granted,
the far I am depressed internally..
I know the reason is not you..
Still I couldn't talk to you..

I know nothing can flow in between you and me,
still my heart couldn't feel free..

Though I care for you deep inside my heart,
I am unable to show it apart..

People say I am arrogant, short-tempered,this and that.,
but why cant you just break those hurdles and think why i did..

May be our feel gets differed for a while,
but no doubt we are gonna walk together for a mile..

I know love is a painful feel,
yet i couldn't avoid slipping into it when you smiled at me with a rose.
Whenever you blame me a girl cant be possessive as you, I would try

controlling my tears recalling your words "A girl cant be so lovable as you.."..

I know love is all about negotiting things between me and You.
yet I couln't entertain anything that deals with You.

Love seems sacred when it is spelled by you..
Love seems eternal whenever I spend time with you..
This fight is not because we don't love each other,
This is mainly because we love each other a lot.

I know its hard for you to take me as an endearing soul-mate again..
Still my hope would continue.. .. .. ..Buddy Boy!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bye Bye Sweetie Pie..

Good morning sweet little pals. Today is a sort of gladly sad day for me. My sweet "Eli Karandi" is gonna depart from me today. Cant understand?? Eli Karandi is how I named her cos of her naughty deeds.

She won my heart through the innocent usage of tamil language since she is new to it. She sings just like a cuckoo bird. Energetic, Enthusiastic and an elegant lil angel she is. Much fluent in English, She sometimes makes me dumbfounded with her attitude.

May Lord Guruvayurappa showers his love and blessings on her.. Let her happiness continues like TR's confidence to perform an hero's role in a romantic movie. Let her sorrows disappears all of a sudden just like Simbhu~nayan's love feel.

The following quote is solely dedicated to her..
Hope she would understand it:-)

"Un scene parkayilae Surya vae down down..
Unnudaya siripin mun Sivaji down down..
Un Kopam munnadi Veerapan down down..
Unnudaya energyin mun sachin nae down down.."

Keep in touch Eli Karandi..